Eric Efford

President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


After managing another Chemical Distributor for many years, Eric decided to start his own company.  In 1993 he began from the ground up, his motivation kept him going to pursue his dreams. Eric values honesty, responsibility, accountability, ownership and loyalty above all. Building the Alpha team was based on these specific values. Today, Alpha has expanded across Canada and internationally.


Eric loves the ever-changing business climate and opportunity for growth, within and independently of Alpha Chemical. Spending time on vacation, boating, golfing, or reading are Eric’s favorite leisure time activities.


“Being a part of a team that will benefit from hard work and prosper. In an environment of inclusiveness, friendship and being together.”


Head Office

40 Pettipas Drive
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Blending Facility

191 Joseph Zatzman Drive

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Alpha Newfoundland

Contact Us

310 East White Hills Road

St. John's, Newfoundland


1 (800) 981-2532

1 (902) 468-8540

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